Going Against The Career Tide

If you are reading this article, you can relate to the stress you feel from working hard at a job that you hate. Not necessarily because of your particular job — but because you don’t fit in to most of the jobs your fiends and family hold. Maybe you feel there isn’t a job in the world that is right for you. In fact, that’s why you take whatever comes your way — just to make a few bucks to survive. You probably feel like a black sheep and are increasingly worried about your future. The stress is no doubt starting to adversely impact your health and your relationships, and you are starting to feel depressed. Sounds familiar? Read on . . .

Considering my own career path, how I felt in my earlier days in Corporate, and witnessing my son — a smart, handsome, and free-spirited musician with a soft spot for animals and the elderly — repeating the pattern, I am convinced that following the path of least resistance is not the best route for many.

It is nerve wracking to go against the well-meaning advice of parents who believe that getting a degree or pursuing a job lead that your cousin or neighbor told you about is the way to go. That is true for many but not for creative, restless people like you who do not feel comfortable working with the same people everyday, staying in the same place everyday, and being forced to follow ridiculous business practices that never seem to change because of control freak bosses, low budgets, and ambiguous red tape.

It is equally frightening to deviate from the norm and take chances because the unorthodoxed road is less traveled and there are fewer mentors along the way to warn you of the pitfalls. But that’s okay because people like you are willing to try new things and cut out for the bumpy, challenging ride ahead. It’s how you learn.

Before you spend precious years listening to the advice of others, take a good hard look at yourself. Be honest about who you are and about the career choices that really appeal to you. Then talk to everyone you meet about it. See what others have to share. Read book. Scour the Internet. Eventually you will get ideas.

Picture yourself in 20 years. What kind of life do you want? Do you want a big family? Do you want to send your children to college — or at least be financially able to if they want to go — even if you don’t want to go yourself? Or are you okay with having modest means and a small family. Heck, maybe you do not want to get married at all. Maybe you do not want children. Maybe you want to travel for a couple of decades and then settle down. If so, then you do not need all of the trapping that the “American Dream” promises (along with lots of debt). What’s the point in making a six figure salary if you are going to be miserable? Do you need a McMansion or would you be happy in a tiny home? There are many options these days. Take charge of your life now so you do not have regrets.

At first you will get lots of slack from those closest to you who feel it is their responsibility to warn you about making bad choices and ruining your life. In the end, when you have proven yourself, you will earn the respect you deserve and will be very proud of yourself for following the beat to your own drum. There is money to be made in the strangest places. Just go for it. Live you life. Be brave. Be smart. Be safe. Be happy. Enjoy!

About The Author:

Ann Baehr is a CPRW and President of Best Resumes of New York. Notable credentials include her former role as Second Vice President of NRWA and contribution to 25+ resume and cover letter sample books. To learn more visit https://bestresumesofnewyork.com